EARTH 211 – Earth Resources and Materials

EARTH 211 is concerned with the nature, composition, and origin of Earth’s resources and materials. The main topics covered are minerals in society and their properties; origins of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks; volcanological and sedimentary processes; and, the importance of earth materials as resources used by society.

EARTH 251 – Applied Earth Sciences

EARTH 251 is an interdisciplinary field course in Earth and Environmental Sciences. It consists of a week-long field camp with geomorphological and stratigraphic mapping, soil and hydrological analysis, and assessment of coastal processes.

EARTH 312 – Sedimentary Geology

EARTH 312 focuses on the reconstruction of Earth history through the analysis and mapping of sedimentary strata. Students learn to use observations from thin sections, outcrop, wireline logs, and seismic to understand the characteristics and distribution of past environments of deposition. A field trip to Awakino where students map Miocene strata from the Taranaki Basin ties the concepts together.

EARTH 506 – (Advanced) Sedimentary Geology

EARTH 506 is a graduate-level course that builds on the foundations established in EARTH 312. Students explore how geological models (i.e., facies models, stratigraphic models, and geocellular models) are conceptualized, constructed, and validated. The focus is to understand different ways of applying geological models to sediments and rocks to develop a “tool box” of mapping and stratigraphic correlation techniques that can be used to decipher the sedimentary record.

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