These are the courses that Dr. La Croix currently teaches at the University of Waikato.

EARTH 312 – Sedimentary Geology

EARTH 312 focuses on the reconstruction of Earth history through the analysis and mapping of sedimentary strata. Students learn to use observations from thin sections, outcrop, wireline logs, and seismic to understand the characteristics and distribution of past environments of deposition. A field trip to Awakino where students map Miocene strata from the Taranaki Basin ties the concepts together.

EARTH 506 – Geological Modelling

EARTH 506 is a graduate-level course. Taught material is organized into two threads: 1) Engineering geological modelling – taught by Dr. Vicki Moon; and, 2) sedimentary geological modelling – taught by Dr. Andrew La Croix. Thread 1 is designed for students to learn how to develop conceptual geological models of rock or soil masses based on field data. The students use the data to undertake stability analysis of slopes using a variety of kinematic and limit equilibrium methods. Thread 2 focuses on the application of geological modelling to fluid flow, petroleum systems and basin analysis, and for stratigraphic applications. Students become familiar with the main input data, data analysis techniques, and outputs that derive from the modelling of sedimentary basins and strata.

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